Note: This Program Will Start Again in the Spring of 2024

24/7 Access to 12 Live Osprey Webcams

Learn more about The Awesome Osprey Project!

Become your own Researcher & Ornithologist!

Get to know your Inner Osprey

  • Identify key osprey behaviors, like preening, tending eggs, and incubating
  • Learn how many fish osprey bring to the nest

Observe & Record

  • Watch 12 live cameras around the world
  • Analyze and observe ospreys and their chicks in their natural environment
  • Log your data and observations

Discover & Share

  • Attend weekly live interviews with scientists and wildlife biologists
  • Share screenshots or videos of your favorite osprey in the discussion forum
  • Connect with other members and osprey observers around the world

Contribute to Science

  • This program is in collaboration with graduate researcher Michael Academia at The College of William and Mary
  • All data will be observed for scientific publication
  • Research findings will be submitted to the Annual Raptor Research Foundation Conference
2013 04 07 Harriet's Face


Access 12 Live Nest Cams


Get up close and personal with 12 osprey nests located around the world.

Follow your ospreys through Canada, Scandinavia, UK, and USA.

Here's a live preview of the osprey nest cam at Dunrovin Ranch in Lolo, Montana.

Can you see Harriet or Swoop on the nest?

They'll be hatching chicks in June!

Nest Cam
Ranch Cam
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AwesomeOsprey AnyDevice

Who Can Enroll

  • Families with students at home
  • Appropriate for any grade or background
  • Seniors and others confined to home
  • Anyone interested in nature and science
  • Watch on any web browser
  • Participate with laptop or mobile devices
  • Connect with other osprey viewers
  • Tune in for live chats with scientists


The Awesome Osprey Program is hosted by:

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Dunrovin Ranch is located in beautiful Lolo, Montana, and is home to resident ospreys Harriet and Swoop.

This program would not be possible without the support and participation of:

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Missoula Chamber
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