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Welcome to the Dunrovin Virtual Village

Won't You Be My Virtual Neighbor?

Become a virtual member of a real community. 

We provide the REAL Places, the REAL Shared Experiences, and the platform for REAL Conversations that lead to REAL Friendships.

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We commit to being supportive, kind, caring, and respectful.


We value everyone's individuality and generosity of spirit.


We honor the strength and importance of community.


We celebrate our shared world through the arts and sciences.

Social Media Can Sow Divisions

Dunrovin Sows the Seeds of Friendship

⁍ A central place of interest for people to spend time, share experiences, and form friendships

⁍ Live nature viewing, chatting, and posting available 24/7 year round

⁍ Healthy, engaging live interactions with onsite hosts and content curators

⁍ Interactive programs for meaningful virtual experiences with friends

⁍ Membership fee eliminates advertising and ensures a safe, respectful family atmosphere

Dunrovin Connection Circle

Multiple Webcams, Ambient Microphones, and Nightlights Bring You Right into the Ranch

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Nest Cam

Ospreys All Summer; Other Birds All Winter

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Bench Cam

Wildlife and Birds of All Kinds Year Round

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Ranch Cam

Activities with Horses, Donkeys and Ponies

River View

River Cam

An Ever Changing World Unto Itself

Enjoy these recorded highlights that community members watched live at Dunrovin.

"I am so impressed with everything I've seen and read about the osprey's and Dunrovin! Over the last 6 weeks since finding y'all, I watch the nest EVERY DAY and I've read nearly every word on every page y'all have online." ~ Ron

Dunrovin Ranch is Just the Beginning

Dunrovin Envisions a Worldwide Network of
Places to Visit, Programs to Enjoy, People to Meet

Dunrovin seeks like-minded partners to form a broadcasting network with interactive programs to bring their places alive online.

⁍ Botanical Gardens and Arboretums
⁍ Nature Centers and Preserves
⁍ Animal Sanctuaries, Shelters, and Training
⁍ Wildlife Rehabilitation Centers
⁍ Zoos, Insectariums, Aquariums

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Help Us Grow This Community into a Movement to
Use Technology to Bring Us Together in Friendship

Help Us Work Together to Heal Humanity's Relationship
with the Natural World that Nourishes All of Life

The Virtual World is Ours to Color

Let's Color it with Kindness and Caring!

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