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Join the Dunrovin Pilot Project!

Dunrovin is a virtual front porch on the Dunrovin Ranch, located in the beautiful Bitterroot Valley of Montana. Dunrovin, in collaboration with University of Texas-Arlington and LE3 Solutions is offering a free, 6-week programming pilot, starting July 19.

  • Join us for weekly, live facilitated programming.
  • Watch ranch life and wildlife with our 24/7 live streaming cameras.
  • Meet and chat with fellow watchers in a safe, senior-oriented virtual community.

Discover how Dunrovin's unique programs can enrich the lives of your residents, save time for activity coordinators, and relieve social burdens on caregivers.

What will I see? What will I hear?

Enjoy full access to all 4 cameras with ambient microphones and infrared night lights to immerse you in the sights and sounds of Dunrovin Ranch 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Have fun socializing with others in a kind and caring community centered on life at a real Montana guest ranch where the arts, science, history, fun, and fantasy share center stage with nature and animals.

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The Nest – An intimate view of ospreys nesting and raising their chicks every summer, and of the wild birds that come to the bird feeders all winter long. 

The River – A world unto itself! Where ospreys fish, wildlife roams, dogs swim, horses cross, people play, and nature is on display as the river flows, floods, and freezes.

overlooking horse
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The Bench – Where wildlife gather to seek food and shelter along the edge of the fields, into the riparian forest, and down to the shores of the river.

The Ranch – A front row seat to engage with all the ranch activities. Interact with ranch staff, special guests, artists, authors, scientists, and characters of all kinds.


Check Out Our Live Nest Cam!

This is the live view from our very own Osprey Nest Cam.

All four of our live streaming channels are available for our members, day and night.

Nest Cam

How Does It Work?


Our team works with you to set up the Dunrovin experience on a TV in your common room were residents can easily watch and engage any time of day.


Tune in to our special broadcasts featuring a variety of topics on Mondays and Thursdays, or watch anytime. Dunrovin streams 4 live cams 24/7.


We'll send you weekly emails with Ranch Talk newsletters that tell you and your residents what is happening at the ranch each week. (Available in our Plus package.)

What's Required?


You'll need a SmartTV or a regular TV that is connected to a computer or Apple TV that can be used for streaming live video. Our support staff can assess your tech needs if you have any questions.


You'll need an internet connection that can support streaming video. If you can watch Netflix, you can watch Dunrovin. A hardwired connection is preferred, but WiFi works great in most cases.


You'll need a comfortable place for your residents to gather, watch, and engage with what's happing live at Dunrovin. Many residents prefer an "always on" location where they can come and go as they choose.

How Is Dunrovin Different?

  • Dunrovin is always on and delivers live programming, 24/7. Something is always happening around the ranch!
  • It's not just TV. Dunrovin comes with an engaging curriculum. We deliver unique and stimulating content each week.
  • Your activity coordinators and staff save time in planning and moderating group activities. Engaging programs give everyone something to talk about.
  • Dunrovin provides interesting stories about real life, real people, and real animals on a Montana guest ranch.
  • Featuring Dunrovin programs makes your community unique and adds an attractive element for new residents checking out your community, offering you a marketing advantage.

Pilot Program Schedule

2021 Pilot Project Schedule

Sign up today and start a conversation in your community!

There are just a few quick steps to complete for full access to the Dunrovin website and cameras.

Step 1: Enter your name

Step 2: Enter a user name (this can be a nickname or a fun screen name)

Step 3: Enter your email address (you'll receive email from us with updates and news)

Step 4: Enter a password (write this down and save it so you can log into the site later)

Step 5: Check the two white boxes to agree to the terms of service and to receive our weekly newsletter

Step 6: Start watching and have fun!

Thank you for joining us!