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Thank you for your sponsorship & Welcome to the Awesome Osprey Project

Deron Wade, Community Connector at DaysAtDunrovin

Thank you, sincerely, for being a sponsor of “The Awesome Osprey” project. Your contribution will help create thousands of new scholarships for students around the world.

In this time of difficult and harsh circumstance, your dedication to our cause will help inspire and offer a powerful social and communal network for all in-home friends, families, teachers and students.

On behalf myself, James, SuZanne and our amazing Dunrovin team, I look forward to our partnership and doing great work in the community and beyond. The sky is the limit.

Yours in flight,

PS Please send me an email at [email protected] with your preferred company logo an any other marketing assets you think would be helpful.

Deron Wade
Community Connector
C: (323) 423-3310
E: [email protected]

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Welcome to DaysAtDunrovin

SuzAnne Miller, Owner of Dunrovin Ranch

Thanks for pulling up a chair on our cyber front porch.

I want to welcome and introduce you to DaysAtDunrovin (D@D for short!) and make sure you know a little bit about the community you've just joined!

The D@D community was not planned; it formed on its own. With a local university, I set up a camera to let the internet watch an ospreys' nest on my ranch. When I went to turn off the web camera at the end of the season, viewers called and emailed me to say: "No! Please don't do that. We love watching all the animals and scenery. Please let us watch your ranch."

Were I not a part of this community, I would doubt its existence. Never would have I imagined the degree to which people could bond and become real friends through online contact. For years I tried to restrict my children's internet usage thinking that it was a socially isolating activity. I now see that internet connections can lead to REAL friendships if they are centered on shared values and wholesome activities in a safe environment predicated by mutual kindness and respect.

(You can read about the rest of the story here.)

Of course, that's not the full story. This ranch is always changing, and now you're a part of what happens next! Be sure to take a moment to log in, watch the cameras, and chat with your new neighbors!

Click here to watch the osprey and access all of the Awesome Osprey program materials.

I look forward to seeing you at the ranch!


The Ospreys Are Waiting!