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Single Mother Harriet Steps Up to the Task: Two Fish in One Half Hour

August 23, 2014: We have always known that Harriet is one fine osprey: beautiful, a talented fisher-woman, and a devoted mother. Now she is really being put to the test with the loss of her lifelong mate, Ozzie. Harriet demonstrates that she is up to the challenge by delivering two fish within on half hour. […]

Tradegy at Dunrovin: Dead Male Osprey – Probably Ozzie

August 22, 2014 2:45PM: It is almost too difficult to post these photos and write these words. One of Dunrovin’s horseback riding guides found a dead osprey during a trail ride along the river. It is clearly a male. Our Ozzie has not been seen at the nest since August 18, 2014. Our hearts are […]