Is Miss Maude a Real Diva?

Miss Maude isn’t really the competitive sort. At least, not usually. But when it comes to parties, well, that’s a different story. “Everything must be red!” she told us, with an unusually imperious note in her voice. “I’ll show Gertie that I know how to have a good time too!” A little concerned that our […]

T&S Photo Essay #2: Autumn’s Light

Tilting farther away each day, our little corner of Mother Earth catches the sun’s light and warmth at an ever decreasing angle – an angle that seems to illuminate and accentuate autumn’s playful colors. How very clever of the World to give us such beauty while slowly withdrawing our source of comfort. It’s a trick and […]

Tech Overhaul

Hi D@Der’s, Today we kick off some unfortunate yet necessary work on our broadcasting gear. This means that cams will be down throughout the next two weeks though we will do our best to keep any downed cam live on our Cam Down page, which you can find here: or under the live cams menu. Unfortunately, […]